A program designed to provide Qur’an and Islamic Education for boys and girls ages 5-13
MON-THU 5:30PM to 7:30PM

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Masjid Bab-al-Rahmat is offering a unique opportunity for parents to provide the best Islamic education for their children. Maktab-e-Suffah presents an afterschool program perfect for students in elementary and middle school. Children will learn Islamic principles and manners, the correct way to perform prayer and wudu, discuss stories of the Prophet (pbuh), memorize Qur’an and much more. A qualified team of teachers will mentor and guide  the next generation of leaders of our ummah.


The Maktab-e-Suffah is a curriculum based afterschool program which includes Islamic Studies education as well as a Qur’an Hifdh Program.
Daily Schedule – Quran, Break time for play and activities followed by designated  Islamic Studies subjects:

  • Monday- Aqeedah & Ikhlaaq
  • Tuesday- Hadeeth & History
  • Wednesday- Fiqh and Dua
  • Thursday- Quran Memorization


Students in each level will receive a set of books designed for their age and ability. Each set includes the following books:

  • Tas-heelul Aqaid – Beliefs
  • Tas-heelul Akhlaaq wal Aadaab – Morals and Manners
  • Tas-heelul Fiqh – The Rules of Shariah
  • Tas-heelul Ahadeeth – Hadith Words and Deeds of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Sunnah
  • Tas-heelut Taa-Reekh – Islamic History


Fun and safe environment for children to learn and play
Break times for activities and games
Access to Foosball and Air Hockey Tables in  the Gameroom


Imam Abu Fatima Asif Hirani
Imam of MCNJ Masjid Bab-al-Rahmat
Diploma of Quran Understanding from – Quran Academy, Pakistan
Masters in Islamic Studies – Karachi University
Currently attaining Ph.D. in the sciences of Quran from the Madinah International University, Malaysia

Imam Qari Rifaqat Farooqi
Imam of MCNJ Masjid Bab-al-Rahmat
Instructor of Qur’an Tajweed and Hifdh at MCMC Masjid Al Noor.

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