The Muslim Community of New Jersey (MCNJ), established in 1992, is centered in the heart of Woodbridge Township, in Central New Jersey.  It serves the residents of Central New Jersey and has over 300 families in a very diversified community.  Over 600 Muslims attended our weekly Jumma Salah.

In addition to conducting five times daily prayer and Jumma salah, we organize a variety of activities for Muslims and non-Muslims in the neighborhood.  MCNJ also conducts a weekend Islamic School and a daily Quranic school.  Other activities include adult halaqas and various youth programs for boys and girls, including YM, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout programs.

Currently, MCNJ is looking for a full-time Imam and Director of Islamic Education and Religious Affairs.  This role serves as the spiritual and religious leader of the community and also plays a crucial role in the education of the community.  Remuneration varies with experience, qualification, and ability.

If you are interested, please send your resume to ([email protected])