Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wa Barkatahu,

Insha’Allah, the Muslim Community of New Jersey will hold its quarterly General Body meeting at Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah, Fords, New Jersey

On Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 7:30 PM

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Recitation of Qu’ran
  • President’s Welcome and Address
  • Committee Updates
  • General Discussion/Q&A Session

Dear brothers and sisters, please make every attempt to participate in the meeting, Insha’Allah.

  • General Body meeting is an opportunity to get to know Shura
  • A platform for the community to ask questions to Shura
  • Participate in MCNJ general affairs of the community
  • Convey ideas for the betterment of the community
  • Advice on how Shura can serve the community in the best way possible
  • Inculcate transparency and accountability for those who are responsible to serve the community.

Venue: Masjid Bab-e -Rahmat Fords, NJ
Date: June 25, 2022
Time: At (7:30 PM)
Dinner after the program