Congregant possible with Covid-19

Assalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakaatuhu,

We have just been informed today that a community member (a regular musalee) visited Masjid for the past few days including today morning in Fajr with possible Covid – 19

In an effort to protect the MCNJ members, their families, and the community at large, and keeping health authorities’ standards, the MCNJ administration took the decision to close all services in the masjid effective immediately. This of course includes all daily prayers including Jumaah.

There will be No Jummah prayer Today Friday 12/25/2020 in the Masjid

The situation will be assessed by the administration on a daily basis and all attempts will be made to reopen the masjid as soon as safely possible. Please stay tuned for updates.

If necessary, please consult your healthcare provider for advice.

Jazakumullahu khairan for your understanding and cooperation