Central Jersey Hijri Calendar Committee

//Central Jersey Hijri Calendar Committee

My dear brothers and sisters:

Allah SWT has provided us with a great opportunity to unite Muslims in our and surrounding communities.  We are pleased to announce that with an extraordinary show of unity and cooperation, MCNJ and a number of surrounding masajid have come together to agree upon the moonsighting for the Islamic months.  MCNJ, along with MCMC, Masjid AlWali, and Islamic Center of East Brunswick (ICEB) have formed a Hijri Calendar Committee which will declare the start of Islamic months.  Please read the declaration below.

Please pray Allah SWT to improve the unity among Muslims of Central Jersey and the Muslim ummah at large, ameen.  I hope and pray that this  small step takes us towards a greater cooperation among all the Islamic Centers in our area, ameen.

Ozair Omarzai