Do you know what are you reciting during salah? Our Khushoo increases tremendously if we know the meaning of the surah that we recite during salah.  Imam Asif holds a short class in masjid every Wednesday after Maghrib salah.  In this class, he explains the tafseer of small surah that we recite every day in our salah.

Goal is to understand the minute and linguistic details of small and important chapters of the Holy Quran. Grasp the meanings in Arabic so that next time when we recite these Chapters in Arabic from Quran or even in our Salah, we can understand without even reading translations, and hence bring Humility and concentration in our Salah.

Class will start immediately after Magrib, it will be 45 min session at most in which:
30-35 min Tafseer
10 min Question and answer session.