General Body Meeting And Shura Elections 2015

Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wa Barkatahu,

Insha’Allah the Muslim Community of New Jersey will hold its 3rd quarter General Body meeting and Shura Election at MCNJ Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah in Fords, NJ on FridayOctober 2 2015 between Maghrib and Isha.  There are three (3) + (1 woman) seats that need to be filled.

All paid MCNJ members for the past one year or longer are eligible to stand in the election, nominate a candidate and vote for a candidate.
The agenda for the meeting is as follows:mcnj_elections

  • Recitation of Qu’ran
  • President’s Welcome and Address
  • Finance Update
  • General Discussion/Q&A session
  • Election Polling will continue between Maghrib & Isha
  • Isha Salah
  • Polling Results Announced

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Nomination need to be made by 1 registered member (3+1 open seats)
  • Should be current registered member since September 2014
  • Nomination forms are available upon request from Br. Ozair Omarzai & Br .Najeeb or Download it from here
  • Submit the completed form to Br. Ozair Omarzai & Br. Najeeb by Sept 18, Maghrib salah.
  • The list of eligible nominees will be posted on Sept 21, insha’Allah

Dear brothers and sisters, please make every attempt to participate in the meeting, insha’Allah

MCNJ Summer Camp 2015

Theme: The Five Pillars of Islam

For: Children Ages 5 to 10

The five pillars of Islam; their meaning and how to act upon them, Arabic, surahs, words from the Quran, Islamic manners & etiquettes, At-tashahud, A hadith every day, and much more!

Unique Projects, Arts &Crafts, Indoor & Outdoor Games, Family Field Trip,
Potluck Barbeque/Graduation Picnic, make new friends and work together, and more!

When: July 27- August 12
9:50 AM- 1:00 PM
Monday thru Friday
Where: MCNJ – Masjid Bab Al Rahman,
15 South Second Street, Fords, NJ

Program Fee: $125 per child

To pre-register, or for questions, please email the name & age of participants and your phone number to [email protected] or contact Sister Maymunah at (732) 535-2692

Eidul Fitr Prayers Details

Depending on the sighting of Shawwal moon Eidul Fitr will be either on Friday, July 17th or Saturday, July 18th

The decision will be announced on the evening of Thursday July 16th by 9:30 PM

Please check our website or Facebook page for the moon sighting information.

Eid Salah Location:
Edison Hotel 3050 Woodbridge Ave Edison, NJ 08837.

First Salah: 8:00AM
Second Salah: 9:00AM

Please purchase parking tickets as soon as possible to avoid traffic delays at the venue $10 before Eid or $20 on Eid day at the venue or Contact Br. Najeeb or Br. Kamal for tickets.

Please pay your Fitra (Zakatul Fitr) before Eid Prayers
Fitra is a minimum of $10 per person and it should be given for every member of the family.

Arabic 101 and 102 Classes Start From 3rd August

“If you ever wished to read translation free Quran, this is your opportunity!”

Please come and attend this Arabic course 101 and 102 (grammar and spoken Arabic)
is open to both Brother’s and Sister’s

Course duration: August 3rd to August 27th 2015

NOTE: Arabic 102 is only for those students who have passed 101 Exam.

Please register for the course here (Limited to 25 students per class)

Venue: Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah Fords, NJ
Date: Monday to Thursday
Time:  8:00 PM to 9:45 PM

Ramadan 2015 (1436 AH) Update

Start of Ramadan
To verify the start of Ramadan 1436 AH, please stay tuned to MCNJ check our website at, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or sign up to our mailing list to get email straight away!

Ramadan Prayer Times
Ramadan 1436 AH Timetable (click to download)

Taraveeh Prayers By Shaikh Fares
Inshallah Shaikh Fares (Graduate from Al-Azhar and have Ijazah in 10 Quranic recitations) will be leading Taraveeh prayers and will be joined by Hafiz Usman 

We will have community Iftars all 7 days a week during Ramadan. MCNJ will arrange for these meals with community sponsorship. Please contact Br. Shahzeb, Br. Anwar or Br. Zahid for sponsoring iftar.

Insha’Allah we will arrange babysitting free of cost for children between the ages of 2-10.


We look forward to seeing all of you at the Masjid and getting to meet all of you personally. Please join us in our daily Iftar at the masjid and Taraweeh prayers.

We ask Allah SWT that you and your families have a blessed Ramadan. Ameen

Jazak’Allah Khair
MCNJ Shura

Saturday Night Lecture “Seerah of Prophet Mohammad SAW”

Saturday Night Lecture “Seerah of Prophet Mohammad SAW

Speaker: Mufti Muneer Akhoon

Please join us with Family…

Venue: Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah Fords, NJ
Date: May 16th 2015
Time: After Maghrib (8:08PM)
Dinner: Pizza after the lecture

MCNJ Annual Fundraising Dinner May 9th

Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wa Barkatahu,

Insha’Allah, the Muslim Community of New Jersey will hold its Annual Fundraiser at Masjid Al Wali


Guest Speakers:
Sh. Yasir Fahmy
Br. Asim Khan

Venue: Masjid Al-Wali
Date: Saturday May 9th 2015
Time: Sharp 7PM Dinner followed by Magrib Salah and Lecture

Quranic Arabic Course 101- From May 18th

Quranic Arabic Course 101

“If you ever wished to read translation free Quran, this is your opportunity !”

Please come and attend this beginner Arabic course (grammar and spoken Arabic) is open to both Brother’s and Sister’s

Course duration: May 18th to June 11th 2015

Taught by: Imam Abu Fatima Asif Hirani

Register online here

Venue: Masjid Al-Wali
Date: Monday to Thursday
Time: 8pm to 10pm