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Arabic 103 Class

An advanced course in Arabic Grammar

Taught by: Ustadh Ismail Sabir

When: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm every Sunday

Friday Family Program

  • Starting with the creation of Adam, a discussion of the situations around the Prophets, the reasons Allah shares these narratives with us, and the lessons within them
  • Taught by: Imam Farhan Siddiqi

Actions of the Heart

Actions of the Heart

  • A series of discussion concerning emotions and beliefs and how Islam addresses them
  • Taught by: Imam Farhan Siddiqi
  • When: Every Wednesday


  • Class will start immediately after ISHA,
  • Class duration : 30-35 min
  • Q & A : 10 Minutes.


Maktab As-Suffah

Maktab As-Suffah

A program meant to cater to the elementary and middle public school population in order to complement their secular education namely:

  • Quran (ability to recite with makharij and tajweed, memorization of 30th juz)
  • Eeman (6 pillars)
  • Daily Islamic Activities
  • and provide a Muslim social environment




  • Classes for adult brothers that focuses on correcting a reader’s recitation with a focus on fluency, familiarizing him with letters and sounds, and general rulings concerning recitation
  • Taught by: Ustadh Afnan Altaf
  • When: Every Sunday, after Isha

Seerah of the Khulafa ar Rashideen

Seerah of the Khulafa ar Rashideen

  • A series of lectures concerning the biographies of the each of the rightly guided caliphs, the challenges they faced, and the benefits in them
  • Taught by: Ustadh Ahmad Mohamad
  • When: Every Sunday, after Fajr

Quranic Arabic

 A class to help build vocabulary to get a rough understanding of the language of the Quran

Taught by: Haafidh Saad Zakaria

When: Every Saturday, after Maghrib

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