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Eid Mubarak! Eid-ul-Fitr on Sunday, June 25th

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakaatuhu,

The Central Jersey Hijri Calendar Committee announced that the Shawwal moon was signted in the Haramain (Saudi Arabia) and therefore Eid-ul-Fitr will insha’Allah be on Sunday, June 25th.

Eid Mubarak to you and your family! May Allah SWT make this Eid a blessed one for our community, Muslim ummah and the entire humankind. On this holy and joyous occasion May the blessings of almighty Allah come down on your shoulders and may you enjoy a very Happy Eid this year and in the years to come.

Kullu Am wa Antum Bi Khair
كل عام و انتم بخير

Eid Salah Location: Iselin Middle School 
900 Panther Way, Iselin, NJ 08830

Salah Timings: 
Ist Prayer at 8:00 AM
2nd Prayer at 9:30 AM
Please do following:

  • Bring your own prayer mats
  • Please come with wadhu
  • Follow instructions from volunteers
  • Bring chairs if needed
  • Car pool to reduce traffic
  • Donate generously to cover expenses.

Please pay your Fitra (Zakatul Fitr) before Eid Prayers
Fitra is a minimum of $10 per person and it should be given for every member of the family. Click here to pay online

Parking Map

MCNJ Administration would like to express deepest gratitude to everyone who have donated, supported and volunteered during the month of Ramadan. We cannot thank you enough for your generous donations, as well as all of your prayers and support. MCNJ looks forward to your continued support and help.

We appreciate your valuable feedback to serve you better and improve our services.

Jazak’Allah Khair
MCNJ Administration

Ramadan Mubarak! Starts From Saturday May 27th 2017

Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem to all.

Saudi Supreme Court announced that the seeing of crescent of Ramadan has not been confirmed today and 30 days of Sha’ban will be completed. Based on the report, the HIJRI Calendar Committee has made the decision to start Ramadan from Saturday May 27, 2017 In Sha Allah.

May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala enable us to take benefit of this blessed month.

Ramadan Prayer Times
Ramadan 1438 AH Timetable (click to download)

Iqamah Timings For Ramadan
Fajr –
   4:20 AM
Zuhr – 1:15 PM
Asr    –  6:30 PM
Maghreb – 10 Mins after Sunset
Isha – 10:10 PM

Taraveeh Prayers
Inshallah Hafiz Saad Haque and Hafiz Usman will be leading Taraveeh prayers this year

We will have community Iftars all 7 days a week during Ramadan. MCNJ will arrange for these meals with community sponsorship. Please contact Br. Shahzeb, Br. Najeeb for sponsoring iftar.

Insha’Allah we will arrange babysitting free of cost for children between the ages of 2-10.

Zakah & Fitra

  •    Please give your Fitrah & Zakah as early as possible during Ramadan
  •    Fitrah is a minimum of $10 per person and it should be given for every member of the family.


  • The parking at MCNJ will be reserved for older, women and children on first come first basis.
  • If you are coming from to MCNJ via GSP park at the Dr. Latif’s parking lots
  • If you are coming via I-287 or Rt1, park at Cyktor Building lot on Walsh Avenue
  • Musallees praying 8 rakat’s of Taraweeh, please park at lots other than MCNJ
  • Parking map
  • Note: Please do not park in 7-Eleven parking 

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Masjid and getting to meet all of you personally. Please join us in our daily Iftar at the masjid and Taraweeh prayers.

We ask Allah SWT that you and your families have a blessed Ramadan. Ameen

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Jazak’Allah Khair
MCNJ Shura

Friday Night Lecture “Hadith of Sincerity”

Friday Night Lecture “Hadith of Sincerity”

Speaker: Shaykh Farhan Siddiqui
(Master’s candidate in the school of Hadeeth at Umm Al Qura University, Madinah)

Please join us with Family…

Venue: Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah  Fords, NJ
Date: Friday Mar 31st 2017
Time: After Magrib (7:30 PM)
Dinner: After the lecture

Join Shaikh Farhan again on Saturday, April 1st for Halaqa after Fajr.
Topic: Intro to sciences of Fiqh

Quran Night Friday March 3rd 2017

Quran Night By

Shaykh Qari Abdul Hameed Askaam
Shaykh Qari Omar Hassan Saleh
Shaykh Qari Foad Elkassas
Shaykh Qari Nady Kishk

And Many other Qurra’a

Please join us with Family…

Venue: Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah  Fords, NJ
Date: Friday Mar 3rd 2017
Time: After Isha (7:30 PM) Note: Salat ul Isha will be at 7:30PM
Dinner: After the lecture

Friday Night Lecture “Lessons of Patience”

Friday Night Lecture “Lessons of Patience”

Speaker: Br. Kaiser Aslam (Rutgers Chaplain)

Please join us with Family…

Venue: Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah  Fords, NJ
Date: Friday Feb 17th 2017
Time: After Isha (8:00 PM)
Dinner: After the lecture

MCNJ American Red Cross Blood Drive Dec 3, 2016

Give the perfect gift. Give blood.

MCNJ Girl Scouts American Red Cross Blood Drive

Appointments are preferred. For an appointment or more information call or email
Zainab Naqvi – [email protected] (848-219-6318)

Sign up at
Enter Sponsor Code: mcnj girl scouts

Venue: Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah  Fords, NJ
Date: Saturday Dec 3rd, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

MCNJ General Body Meeting On Dec 16th 2016

Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wa Barkatahu,

Insha’Allah, the Muslim Community of New Jersey will hold its quarterly General Body meeting at Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah, Fords, New Jersey

On Friday December 16th, 2016 After Isha Salah (8:00 PM).

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Recitation of Qu’ran
  • President’s Welcome and Address
  • Committee Updates
  • General Discussion/Q&A Session

Dear brothers and sisters, please make every attempt to participate in the meeting, Insha’Allah.

  • General Body meeting is an opportunity to get to know Shura
  • Platform for community to ask questions to Shura
  • Participate in MCNJ general affairs of community
  • Convey ideas for betterment of community
  • Advice how Shura can serve the community in best way possible
  • Inculcate transparency and accountability for those who are responsible to serve the community.

Friday Night Lecture “Know Your Rights”

Friday Night Lecture “Know Your Rights”

Speaker:  CAIR

Please join us with Family…

Venue: Masjid Bab-al-Rahmah  Fords, NJ
Date: Friday Dec 2nd 2016
Time: After Isha (8:00 PM)
Dinner: After the lecture